Ceat Tyres with colour tread wear indicator launched

Ceat Milaze tyres with colour tread indicators are available for the Innova and Innova Crysta.

Ceat Tyres has announced the launch of its new Colour Tread Wear Indicator tyres. It gives an indication to the user when it's time to replace the tyres.

According to the company, a yellow strip is embedded within the tread portion of the tyre, which is not visible in a new tyre. As the tyre wears off, this yellow strip starts appearing, which indicates that it's time to change the tyre.

Tyres with colour tread indicators are available in two sizes, 205/65 R15 Milaze X3 for the Toyota Innova and 205/65 R16 Milaze X3 for the Innova Crysta.

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