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About Soniya Hinduja

An avid cinephile and self-proclaimed cat lady, Soniya adores watching films that move and transform and broaden her perspective. When she isn't busy working, you'll find her immersed in an arthouse film, catching up on stand up specials, discovering new music, gazing at the moon, and earning quality time to ponder it all. 

Saddest Netflix Movies including Mariiage Story 1
The 18 Saddest Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

These sad Netflix films allow you to experience difficult emotions from a safe distance and release built-up pressure in a way that is satisfying.

Netflix TV Shows 1
The 35 Best TV Shows Streaming on Netflix Right Now

Let us be your personal Netflix curators so you can find the kind of shows you’ll wish lasted twice as long but can’t wait to start over, once again!

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20 Strongest Horror Movie Villains of All Time

The strongest horror movie villains on this list aren’t superior by muscle mass or body count alone, but the innumerable abilities they possess.

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30 Movies That Are Perfect to Fall Asleep To

These are the type of movies that you can put on and just let it play in the background as you drift off to sleep.

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20 Greatest R-Rated Anime Series of All Time

Are you willing to explore a whole new side of anime? One that is ripe with brutal violence and explicit content that is best suited for adults?

Frances Ha 1
20 Great Movies That Subvert The Male Gaze

These films put women front and center, showcasing them as complete individuals with complex emotions.

Touka & Kaneki 1
20 Iconic Anime Couples That Made Us Believe in Love

Whether they are fighting common foes side by side or bonding over their shared passions, these couples raise the bar for what real love could be.

15 Quintessential Movies From the Boomer Generation 1
18 Quintessential Movies From the Boomer Generation

From the sweeping epics of the '50s and '60s to the gritty realism of the '70s, these films define the boomer generation in all its glory.

Ella Hunt in Anna and the Apocalypse 1
15 Recent Horror Comedies That Probably Flew Under Your Radar

These films, from the last 10 years or so, seem to have wriggled their way into the hidden corners of our streaming menu, delighting a small audience.

Every Netflix Live Action Anime Adaptation, Ranked

Amidst the flurry of source materials, where really does Netflix’s growing catalog fall on the broad spectrum? Creative or embarassing?

25 Funniest Movie Performances By Non-Comedic Actors 1
25 Funniest Movie Performances By Non-Comedic Actors

The art of acting demands that actors bring depth and nuance to their characters, regardless of the genre. These actors shined outside of their genre.

Limited Prime Series including I'm a Virgo and A Very British Scandal 1
The 15 Best Limited Series on Prime Video to Watch Right Now

Prime Video, with its fast content creation and addition of popular shows, has been quick to realize the potential of the format of limited series.

The Truth Beneath 1
20 Great Foreign Films Directed by Women

There are many lesser known foreign language films that allow the audience a glimpse into the social and political achievements made by women.

Lee Yeo-reum and Ahn Dae-beom from Summer Strike 1
10 Feel-Good Korean Dramas With A Murder Mystery Subplot

If you’re someone who enjoys a heartwarming love story with just the right amount of nail-biting suspense, these Korean dramas are just what you need.

Larry David in the episode The Grand Opening 1
10 TV Shows That Are Mostly About Nothing

These TV shows may seem deceptively lightweight at first, but the more they dwell on daily routines, the better they get.

Emmy Rossum from Shameless with the Season 9 cast of The Office in the background 1
18 TV Shows That Kept Going After the Main Character Left

Perhaps it is the defiance of these shows that gets them marching on week after week, long after their lead bids adieu.

Knives Out  1
20 Great Movies Named After Songs

Music has a universal appeal and certain songs have the most beautiful titles, like they could fit in an entire plot in just a couple of words.

Sister Night in Watchmen 1
The Best One-Season TV Shows of the 21st Century so Far

Sometimes, a short series can be a breath of fresh air, offering a unique perspective and telling a complete story in just a handful of episodes.

The Rock as Black Adam with posters for Ghostbusters and Blade Runner in the background 1
15 Movies That Were Expected To Be Huge Box Office Hits, But Bombed Instead 

Despite all the build-up and excitement, sometimes big-budget movies like Black Adam, Ghostbusters, and Blade Runner don't deliver at the box office.

Oolong 1
15 Weakest Anime Characters of All Time

Their contribution to battle may be minimal, but these characters' impact on the show’s dynamic was nothing short of delightful.

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