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Medusa Deluxe 1
Exclusive: Medusa Deluxe Filmmaker Thomas Hardiman on Breaking All the Rules in One Take

Thomas Hardiman spoke to us about his A24 film Medusa Deluxe, a unique murder mystery and one of the most fascinating movies of the year.

Lilit Lesser in Medusa Deluxe 1
Medusa Deluxe Review: One-Take Hairdressing Whodunit Has Style and Substance

Medusa Deluxe gives the murder mystery genre a bombastic and colorful update set in the competitive hairdressing world, seemingly in one long take.

Lee Yeo-reum and Ahn Dae-beom from Summer Strike 1
10 Feel-Good Korean Dramas With A Murder Mystery Subplot

If you’re someone who enjoys a heartwarming love story with just the right amount of nail-biting suspense, these Korean dramas are just what you need.

A scene from Se7en 1
Greatest Mystery Movies of the 1990s

Common tropes and plot devices of storytelling like well-written red herrings, unexpected deus ex machina, and iconic plot twists were all at play.

Haunting of the Queen Mary 2023 1
Haunting of the Queen Mary Horror Film Gets Trailer, Poster & Release Date

Vertical sets release date and unveils trailer for horror-mystery movie Haunting of the Queen Mary.

Susie Searches with Kiersey Clemons 1
Exclusive: Susie Searches Director Sophie Kargman on a Creative Dream Come True

Writer/director Sophie Kargman talks casting Kiersey Clemons, social media fame, and COVID scares during filming.

Best Teen Mystery Shows on Netflix 1
Best Teen Mystery Shows on Netflix

These thrilling series are some of the best teen mystery shows Netflix has to offer.

Guy Pearce as Leonard Shelby in Memento 1
Movies That Keep You Guessing From Start to Finish

The best mysteries keep you on your toes until the last possible moment, and here are films that do just this.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit with Bob Hoskins 1
The Art of the Murder Mystery: The Best Whodunits, Ranked

The best murder mysteries bring the audience into the story and take them on a ride, here are the best whodunits ever made.

Netflix Triptych 1
Why Triptych Is Worth Watching on Netflix

Back in February, Netflix released the Mexican mystery thriller Triptych. Let's talk about why this show is worth streaming.

Full Circle cast 1
Max's Full Circle: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

Full Circle is an upcoming mystery thriller from an Oscar-winning director. Here's what we know so far.

Chris Cooper in Lone Star 1
The 18 Most Underrated Mystery Movies Ever Made

Plenty of these are by the biggest directors in the industry, with star-studded casts to boot. They undoubtedly deserve more love.

Kim Novak in Vertigo 1
The Best Mystery Movies in Every Decade from the Last 100 Years

Whatever your poison (or robbery, murder, kidnapping, fraud, etc.), here are the twistiest, most mind-bending mysteries from the past 100 years.

Primal Fear lawyer movie with Richard Gere and Edward Norton in the courtroom 1
1990s Mystery Movie Endings You Never Saw Coming

Mysteries have always stupefied viewers and readers, whether they're told on screen or just through the written word.

The Tutor movie with Noah Schnapp and Garrett Hedlund 1
The Tutor Review: Gives Bad Student a Diabolical New Meaning

An obsessive student (Noah Schnapp) targets his unsuspecting tutor (Garrett Hedlund) for mysterious reasons in this new thriller.

Murder on the Orient Express (2017) Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) 1
10 Whodunit Movies That Are Entertaining Even if You Know Who Did It

Even if these movies have already been spoiled for you, they're still worth checking out.

FullRiverRed1 1
Full River Red Review: Zhang Yimou's Chinese Blockbuster Keeps You Guessing

Two soldiers (Shen Teng, Jackson Yee) try to solve a murder that implicates the prime minister (Lei Jiayin) in Song Dynasty China.

Clue movie cast 1
10 Old Comedy Mystery Movies That Are Still Funny

Any day is perfect for these 10 satisfying comedy mysteries with intriguing clues and laugh-out-loud moments.

Death on the Nile (1978) mystery horror film 1
1970s Mystery Movie Endings You Never Saw Coming

You would never have guessed the endings to these classic 1970s mystery films.

Father Brown-1 1
The Popularity of Cozy Mysteries, Explained

This subgenre of mystery storytelling has amassed an audience and popularity of its own, but where does it come from?