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Medusa Deluxe 1
Exclusive: Medusa Deluxe Filmmaker Thomas Hardiman on Breaking All the Rules in One Take

Thomas Hardiman spoke to us about his A24 film Medusa Deluxe, a unique murder mystery and one of the most fascinating movies of the year.

Rupert Friend Asteroid City 1
Watch Asteroid City for Free with Our Digital Code Giveaway

Wes Anderson's latest artistic triumph is coming to home media, and you can watch it for free at home if you email us.

The Last Voyage of the Demeter vampire - Mark Medavoy and Brad Fischer Interview 1
Exclusive: The Last Voyage of the Demeter Producers on the 21-Year Journey to Make the Vampire Film

The legendary producers Mike Medavoy and Bradley Fischer spoke about the massive production of The Last Voyage of the Demeter.

Alia Bhatt - Heart of Stone Interview 1
Exclusive: Alia Bhatt Gets Real About Her Heart of Stone Character

Alia Bhatt makes her American debut in the Netflix movie Heart of Stone, and spoke to MovieWeb about her character.

Empire V movie 1
Fantasia Exclusive: Empire V Director Victor Ginzburg on His Banned Vampire Film

The director spoke about his vampire satire Empire V, the way people get manipulated by power, and the state of the Russian film industry.

William Friedkin and Father Amorth 1
William Friedkin, Exorcist Director, Dies at 87

The pioneering filmmaker William Friedkin passed away today, mere months ahead of the reboot of his Exorcist film.

Jamie Dornan - Heart of Stone Interview - MovieWeb 1
Exclusive: Jamie Dornan Talks Action While Trying Not to Spoil Heart of Stone

Jamie Dornan discussed his new Netflix movie with Gal Gadot, Heart of Stone, and if he ever wonders how 50 Shades of Grey affects his great career.

Best Horror Movies including Descent, Videodrome, and Gonjiam The Haunted Asylum 1
The 50+ Best Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked

From the scariest and the most intelligent to the historically important, violently gory, and utterly awesome, these are the 55 best horror movies.

LOLA 2022 movie 1
LOLA Review: The Most Unique Found Footage Film in Years

LOLA, a sci-fi war romance in grainy black-and-white, is one of the most original and unique films to come along in a while.

Georgina Campbell in Lovely, Dark, and Deep concerned 1
Exclusive: Lovely, Dark, and Deep Filmmaker Teresa Sutherland Talks Nature and Horror

Her film having premiered at Fantasia, Teresa Sutherland was ready to explore its themes, setting, and the talent of Georgina Campbell.

Best Comedy Films including Caddyshack, Big Lebowski, and Life Aquatic 1
The 35 Best Comedy Movies of All Time, Ranked

Humor is a universal remedy for the terminal condition called life, and film may be its greatest medium. These are the greatest comedies ever made.

Angela and Dwight in The Office TV Show 1
You Can Literally Have Dinner with The Office Stars Rainn Wilson, Steve Carell & Angela Kinsey

Passionate fans of The Office can spend an evening drinking and dining with the main stars in this charity auction that benefits LIDÈ Haiti.

Gal Gadot - Heart of Stone Interview 1
Exclusive: Gal Gadot Talks Heart of Stone and Her Love of Action

Gal Gadot serves up fun espionage action in Heart of Stone, and spoke to MovieWeb about the new Netflix movie.

Georgina Campbell in Lovely Dark and Deep 1
Lovely, Dark, and Deep Review: Georgina Campbell's Great in Enigmatic Slow-Burn Horror Film

Lovely, Dark, and Deep is a mysterious and atmospheric psychological horror film set deep in the National Parks.

Elvis Presley in Reinventing Elvis 1
Reinventing Elvis: The '68 Comeback Streams on Paramount+ Aug. 15

A new documentary chronicles one of the biggest musical comebacks, with Elvis Presley shaking the world once more in 1968.

Best Disaster Movies of the 2000s 1
Best Disaster Movies of the 2000s

The anxious decade of Inconvenient Truths and global terrorism birthed some of the greatest disaster films of all time.

Man with a Movie Camera, one of the most important films of all time 1
The 30 Most Important Movies of All Time, Ranked

These movie masterpieces may not be your favorite or 'the best,' but they are certainly 30 of the most important films ever made.

Good Omens Stars Nina Sosanya and Maggie Service 1
Exclusive: Good Omens Stars Nina Sosanya and Maggie Service on Their Lover Characters

Nina Sosanya and Maggie Service spoke about coming back for Good Omens season two and their new characters in the Prime Video show.

Ryan Gosling as incel Ken in Barbie movie 1
Does Barbie Hate Men and Is Ken an Incel?

Somehow, this movie about dolls has triggered a culture war, and some are attacking the Barbie movie as hating men and crying misandry.

These Are Some of the Best Horror Movies of the 2000s 1
The Best Horror Movies of the 2000s

The advent of the digital age at the dawn of the new millennium meant a renaissance for the horror genre. Here are the scariest movies of the 2000s.

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