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The 10 Best Quotes from Crime Movies 1
The 10 Best Quotes from Crime Movies

Crime movies and their criminals have a slick way with words. Here are the 10 best quotes from the genre.

Clue 1985 1
The 10 Best Movies About Blackmail, Ranked

These are the 10 best movies about blackmail and blackmailers, secrets and lies, victims and perpetrators. 

The 20 Best Jewel Heist Movies of All Time (1) 1
The 20 Best Jewel Heist Crime Movies of All Time

Here are the 20 best jewel heist movies, featuring daring deeds, narrow escapes, high-stakes hijinks, and priceless gems.

Split image featuring Tony Soprano from Th3e Sopranos, Tony Montana from Scarface, and Sam Rothstein from Casino 1
Coolest Gangsters of All Time in Movies and TV, Ranked

Gangsters in films rarely fail to intrigue audiences with their lives of power and excess. Here's a look at the coolest gangsters in movie history.

Mob Land Review: A Poorly Realized Crime Thriller Stumbles

A drag strip racer (Shiloh Fernandez) and his brother-in-law (Kevin Dillon) pay the price for robbing a small town pill mill.

A child with a revolver in his hand in the movie City of God 1
16 Non-Mafia Organized Crime Movies

Cinematic criminals speak, dress, spend, and fight their way into our collective fascination, indulging our guiltiest fantasies.

A scene from Se7en 1
Greatest Mystery Movies of the 1990s

Common tropes and plot devices of storytelling like well-written red herrings, unexpected deus ex machina, and iconic plot twists were all at play.

The Best Acting Performances of Real-Life Serial Killers in Movies and TV Shows 1
The 11 Best Acting Performances of Real-Life Serial Killers in Movies and TV Shows

Portrayals of serial killers will seemingly never get old. Let's take a look at the best portrayals of real-life serial killers in movies and TV.

Decision-To-Leave-2022 1
10 Intriguing South Korean Neo-Noir Movies

These South Korean neo-noir films do not shy away from representing the gore and apathy of a criminal’s mind.

Berlin Money Heist 3 1
8 Flawless TV Shows About Heists

The following list provides some of the best tv shows of the heist genre.

Shows Like Fox's Accused 1
10 TV Shows to Watch if You Love Fox's Accused

Fans of crime shows like Accused are always on the lookout for more similar series. Keep reading to know about such shows.

Kenneth Branagh as Poirot 1
A Haunting in Venice Trailer Teases Another Whodunnit for Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot

Kenneth Branagh returns as probably the greatest detective in the world in the latest look at A Haunting in Venice.

Nic Cage Red Rock West 1
The 10 Most Underrated Neo-Noir Movies of All Time

Bored of the Neo-noir staples like Chinatown and Blade Runner? Check these underrated movies out.

Eastwood in Dirty Harry 1
20 Times Movie Detectives Totally Broke the Law to Get Their Guy

These hard-boiled characters blur the line between cop and criminal.

Fox Accused (1) 1
How Accused Masters the Crime Anthology Show

Crime anthology shows can be a hit or miss, but Fox's Accused does it right.

Call Her King movie 1
Exclusive: Call Her King Cast and Crew Talk Trouble in the Courtroom with New BET+ Movie

Filmmaker Wes Miller and co-stars Tobias Truvillion and Johnny Messner sat down with Movieweb to discuss the new action movie, Call Her King.

Brian Cox in Manhunter. 1
The 10 Most Underrated Serial Killer Movies of All Time

The serial killer subgenre is always prevalent among moviegoers. Some get more attention than others, so here are 10 underrated serial killer movies.

Tom Cruise surrounded by precogs in their tanks in Minority Report 1
10 Frustrating Crime Drama Movies Where the Case Is Never Solved

There 10 crime drama movies are the epitome of mystery, thrill and mental stimulation. Unfortunately, they don't always have a happy ending.

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman holding an axe in American Psycho (2000) 1
The 10 Best Performances in Serial Killer Movies, Ranked

While comedy and romance are noble pursuits, the role of a serial killer is daring and dangerous, as it has serious implications on one's sanity

Brian Cox in Manhunter 1
The 10 Greatest Serial Killer Movies of the 1980's, Ranked

We’ve ranked the 10 greatest serial killers of the 1980s, when the genre was at its freshest and still to be defined.