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Star Wars - Writers Strike 1
Damon Lindelof Says Picketing at Disney Is ‘More Fun Than Writing a Star Wars Movie'

Damon Lindelof says " I don't know if there's any end in sight," while Grey's Anatomy writer Julie Wong states, "We know the money is there."

Deadpool with Wolverine 1
Deadpool 3 Reportedly Removed from Disney's Calendar of Upcoming Releases

Deadpool 3 could be delayed due to the ongoing strikes at Hollywood.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special 1
Disney Will Reportedly Create AI Taskforce for Use Across Company

New reports suggest that Disney has created an AI taskforce to reduce costs using new technologies.

disney princesses star wars swimsuit illustrated 1
Disney Princesses, Star Wars, Ninja Turtles and Termintor Unite In Crazy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition AI Fan Art

The world of AI generation steps up with the bizarre sight of Disney Princesses and Star Wars characters in a Swimsuit Illustrated Photoshoot.

Walt Disney World Statue - Pixabay 1
Every Disney Movie Inspired by Disney Theme Park Rides

While there are many rides that were inspired by movies, there were also quite a few movies that were actually inspired by the rides.

The Cast of Haunted Mansion on Stairs  1
Haunted Mansion: 10 Other Disney Rides That Should Get Their Own Movie

Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion aren't the only Disney Park rides that should get a movie.

WandaVision Wanda, Vision, and their kids 1
WandaVision Background Actor Reveals Disney Scanned Their Faces and Bodies for Digital Replicas

While the actors and writers are fighting for regulations in the use of AI, Disney has already tried new technologies to scan background actors.

The cast of Haunted Mansion 1
Haunted Mansion Director Talks Darker Alternate Ending & the Impact of Test Screenings

Director Justin Simien adjusted the ending of Haunted Mansion as he "didn't want to see a Black man have a tragic end in a movie like this."

DVD Chris Pratt 1
Disney Reportedly Discontinues Blu-ray and DVD Releases in Australia

Disney takes another big step toward phasing out physical releases for movies by discontinuing Blu-rays and DVDs for an entire continent.

Once Upon A Time Evil Queen 1
Once Upon a Time: 10 Times The Characters' Backstories Were Better Than Disney's

Disney's classic stories may be beloved by millions. But Once Upon a Time delivered better backstories for several characters.

haunted mansion cast 1
What Haunted Mansion's Rotten Tomatoes Score Says About Disney Remakes

Disney's live-action remakes: A mixed bag of nostalgic wonders and lackluster attempts. Haunted Mansion's RT score signals an uncertain future.

Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) and Eugene/Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi) at a dam in Tangled 1
The 10 Biggest Ways Disney Animated Movies Have Changed Over the Years

From the animation style to the storylines, Disney's animated films have massively changed over the years.

Haunted Mansion 1  1
Disney's Haunted Mansion Ending, Explained

How does the 2023 reimagining of Haunted Mansion wrap up these characters' stories?

Belle Meets the Beast in New Beauty and the Beast Photos 1
Every Live-Action Disney Princess Movie, Ranked

Live-action Disney princess movies are providing a new generation with a 'whole new world' of entertainment and here is each one, ranked.

Elsa from Frozen 1
15 Greatest Disney Songs of All Time, According to the Billboard Charts

From Circle of Life to Let It Go, discover the top Disney hits of all time, ranked by Billboard charts.

Danny DeVito in Haunted Mansion 1
Disney's Haunted Mansion First Reviews Tease Terrifying Boredom

Disney brings one of its most popular theme park rides to the big screen once again, but it may be far from turning into a classic.

Woke Disney Movies 1
Is Disney a Failing Brand?

While Disney has an unmatchable list of assets, all of Disney’s parts are under pressure.

Zootopia Leads 1
The 10 Best Friendships in Disney Animated Movies

From The Lion King to Zootopia and more, which characters have the best friendships in Disney's animated movies?

Woody and Buzz from Toy Story 1
The 10 Best Friendships in Pixar Movies

Which other Pixar relationships join Woody and Buzz on the list of greatest Pixar friendships?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves 1
Wee Man Blasts Disney Over Snow White Remake

Jackass star Wee Man is "not agreeing" with Disney's Snow White remake.