The Flash (2023)

Ezra Miller returns as The Flash in this stand alone DC film featuring both Michael Keaton and Ben Afflack in their reprisals of Batman.

The Flash
Release Date:
June 16, 2023
Andres Muschietti
Main Genre:
DC Comics, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros.
Gardner Fox, Joby Harold, Harry Lampert
Worlds Collide
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Ezra Miller is The Flash  1
The Flash: Actors Who Could Replace Ezra Miller in the DCU

With so much of the DCU future in doubt and star Ezra Miller's multiple controversies, these actors could take over for The Flash.

The Flash Barry Allen 1
Zack Snyder's Original Trilogy Plans For The Flash Would Have Seen Barry Allen Facing A Much Deadlier Villain

Dark Flash would have given way to another bad guy in the SnyderVerse's unfulfilled Flash trilogy.

Chris Evans 1
Chris Evans Gets Transformed into The Flash in New Fan Art

Chris Evans leaves the Captain America shield behind and speeds up into The Flash suit.

nicolas cage superman in the flash 1
Nicolas Cage Had One Big Issue With His "Satisfying" Superman Cameo in The Flash

Nicolas Cage finally got to play Superman in his cameo appearance in The Flash, but one thing bothered him about it.

George Clooney as Bruce Wayne 1
George Clooney Returns as Batman in The Flash Fan Poster

George Clooney’s version of the Dark Knight is immortalized in new fan art.

image (6)-1 1
The Flash Loses Speed Against Sound of Freedom

The Flash keeps stumbling at the box office while Sound of Freedom grows.

The Flash movie with Michael Keaton 1
The Flash Director Reveals Tragic Reason Why Michael Keaton’s Batman Retired

A new behind-the-scenes featurette, and a deleted scene from The Flash, reveal why Michael Keaton's Dark Knight walked away.

Ezra Miller as The Flash 1
Every Actor to Play The Flash in Live Action in Chronological Order

Each of the actors that have had the chance to portray the superhero have done their very best and left their mark on the character.

Christopher Reeve cameo in The Flash 1
Smallville Star Defends Christopher Reeve Controversial Cameo in The Flash

John Glover, who worked with Christopher Reeve in Smallville and other projects, responds to negative comments on the late actor's cameo in The Flash.

Ben Affleck in The Flash 1
The Flash BTS Images Reveal Ben Affleck as Batman in Cut Post-Credit Scene

Ben Affleck sports a new Batman costume in behind-the-scenes images from The Flash.

Sasha Calle as Supergirl in The Flash 1
Supergirl’s Ship Is Discovered in The Flash Deleted Scene

Kara Zor-El's vessel is found by Barry Allen in Russia.

Ezra miller and Ryan Reynolds  1
The Flash Total Domestic Box Office is a Bigger Disaster Than Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern

The Flash's terrible box office run is almost over, and it has proven every bit as bad as feared.

Miller in The Flash 1
Is Ezra Miller’s Career Over?

After The Flash, will Ezra Miller ever receive another leading role in a major Hollywood film, and does Miller even want to continue acting?

Miller as The Flash 1
The Flash: Breaking Down Every Reason the Film Failed

Excitement was high for The Flash until the box office proved otherwise.

TheFlashBB 1
The Flash: Biggest Questions That Will Never Be Answered

There were many questions that weren't answered, and may never be, now that The Flash is a clear box office bomb.

The Flash 1
The Flash: Every Release Date the Movie's Had and Why It’s Been Delayed So Much

The Flash has had a difficult road to the big screen, and here is a breakdown of all the release dates the movie had and why all the delays.

supergirl figure eek 1
The Flash Figure for Supergirl Draws Criticism and Comparisons to Tom Holland & Matt Smith

An action figure based on Sasha Calle's Supergirl in The Flash has drawn some heavy criticism with some saying it looks nothing like her.

image (6)-1 1
The Flash Sees Another Disastrous Drop in Third Weekend at Box Office

It seems like hardly anyone went and saw The Flash during its third weekend in theaters.

kiersey clemons justice league warner bros 1
The Flash's Kiersey Clemons Reveals Her "Humiliating" DCEU Journey Has Been More Crying Than Laughing

Kiersey Clemons has opened up about finally making her big screen appearance as Iris West in The Flash, and her bad experience as part of the DCEU.

Ezra Miller as Credence in Fantastic Beasts 1
Ezra MIller Says They Were "Unjustly" Targetted By Clickbait Media As Protective Order Expires

Ezra Miller has spoken out against flase claims that led to the protective order being put in place.