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Richard Schertzer is a graduate of Howard University, writer, filmmaker, video editor and tenacious film-goer. He is a fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Superhero films. His persistence in writing and filmmaking has given him the confidence to pursue a litany of ventures.

Best Mafia and Gangster Movies Ever Made - RP 1
15 Best Mafia and Gangster Movies Ever Made

Mafia films can either be a hit or miss, but these gangster movies are arguably considered to be the best.

Keir Duella 1
Greatest Classic Sci-Fi Movies Made Before Star Wars, Ranked

Star Wars is great, but modern science fiction wouldn't exist without these classics to lay the groundwork and help define the important genre.

The Lord of the Rings  1
Best Lord of the Rings Characters, Ranked

These Middle-Earth characters are probably the best of the best in the LOTR, showcasing their admirable qualities in nearly each scene they're in.

Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, and Sammy as Spielberg in The Fabelmans 1
Best Steven Spielberg Films, Ranked

A lot of directors have a unique vision and respect the craft of filmmaking, but none more so than Spielberg, who does both with elegance and style.

Forrest Gump movie directed by Robert Zemeckis 1
Best Robert Zemeckis Movies, Ranked

Robert Zemeckis is a director with a skill for visual panache and storytelling, using technology to create classic cinema for over forty years.

Heath Ledger in Joker face paint for The Dark Knight 1
Heath Ledger's Joker Remains the Best Batman Villain, and Here's Why

Nicholson and Phoenix were great, but Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the clown prince of crime stands tall among all other Batman villains.

Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin 1
The Batman: Actors Who Should Play Mr. Freeze in the Sequel

Since The Batman has already announced a sequel, here’s who we would want to be the new Mr. Freeze, if they use the iconic villain.

90-1 1
Why Spider-Man 3 Received Too Much Hate

Spider-Man 3 has garnered a lot of derision since it's release 15 years ago, but was the infamous Spidey film hated too much?

Secret Invasion 1
Secret Invasion: Characters We Want to See

The new Marvel TV series is releasing on Disney+ later this year, and fans are eager to have these characters be featured.

90 1
The Scariest Moments in Family Films

Family films can have some precious moments, but several popular films in the genre have some truly frightening parts.

90-1 1
Joker: Why We Don’t Need a Sequel

Joker filmmakers have announced a sequel, but it seems that step may not be the best idea for Warner Bros.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Jesse Plemons in The Power of the Dog (2021) 1
Why The Power of The Dog is One of the Best Films on Netflix

Netflix’s The Power of the Dog may be one of the greatest films that has ever graced the streaming platform. Here's our thoughts on why.

Gangster Squad 1
Why Gangster Films Have Lost Their Luster

Gangster films were always a staple in Hollywood, but more modern entries seem to have lost their luster. We think we have a few ideas why.

raypark 1
Why Disney Should Make a Darth Maul Solo Film

Darth Maul is one of the most popular Star Wars characters among fans. Here is why the Sith Lord deserves his own solo film.

The shower scene in both Psycho movies compared in Steven Soderbergh's Psychos 1
Psycho: Gus Van Sant’s Experimental Remake, Explained

The Psycho remake from Gus Van Sant was an interesting experimental failure, important but definitely not what Hollywood needs.

Johnny Depp on a boat fights a sea monster in Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest 1
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Best Moments from the Franchise

From Davy Jones to Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow, these are some of the best moments in the divisive yet entertaining Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The titular The Little Rascals sit on the porch steps 1
'90s Movies That Are Way Better Than People Remember

These movies are often fell under the radar during the '90s but are actually cooler, underrated, and more fun than people realize.

Three cats try to squeeze through the mail slot in the door in Aristocats 1
Disney in the '60s and '70s: The Most Underrated Years

Though the '60s and '70s movies are largely forgotten by newer audiences, there's more than meets the eye with these two decades of Disney animation.

Titles in the Disney Plus catalog 1
Disney+ Movies: The Best Classic Disney Titles

Disney+ has great moments of nostalgia on its platform; here are some of its most classic movies (including a couple of new reboots) to stream now.

family_guy_the_simpsons-1280x600 1
These Are Some of the Best Animated Shows For Adults

Animation has usually been deemed for children, but these animated shows are geared toward entertaining adults in the funniest ways.

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