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Still from Dune Part Two 1
Dune: Part Two Trailer Reveals More of This Year’s Epic Sci-Fi Sequel

This lengthy trailer for Dune: Part Two reveals more of the sci-fi epic, including new looks at Florence Pugh, Christopher Walken, and Austin Butler.

Keir Duella 1
Greatest Classic Sci-Fi Movies Made Before Star Wars, Ranked

Star Wars is great, but modern science fiction wouldn't exist without these classics to lay the groundwork and help define the important genre.

Mia Goth as Boyse in High Life. 1
10 Sci-Fi Movies With Ambiguous Endings

Science-fiction has always been fertile ground for exploring thought-provoking - and often ambiguous - philosophical themes.

alien-1979-xenomorph 1
The Best Sci-Fi Movies According to Rotten Tomatoes

As with every genre, Rotten Tomatoes has aggregated the reviews and rated the best sci-fi films of all time, and some entries may surprise you.

Will Byers in Season 1 Episode 1 of Stranger Things 1
The 9 Greatest First Episodes of Sci-Fi TV Shows, Ranked

Science fiction TV shows are some of the best out there. Here are some of the finest pilot episodes in the history of the genre.

Officer Rimel 1
Netflix’s Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune: Why This Anime Is a Must Watch for Sci-Fi Fans

In Netflix's Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune, a group of five soldiers have to prove themselves in a hard-hitting and gruesome intergalactic war.

Caleb and his best friends 1
Disney+’s Crater: How This Coming-of-Age Movie Recreates Stand by Me for the Space Age

In Disney+'s Crater, five friends take the audience on a visual adventure across the moon that is not only entertaining but thought provoking as well.

Eleven-and-Will-Stranger-Things (1) 1
15 of the Best Science Fiction TV Shows of All Time, Ranked

Sci-fi has been on television since its earliest days, and the best science fiction TV shows span 60 years, from The Jetsons to Stranger Things.

The Platform 1
Netflix Announces The Platform Sequel, Reveals First Look

The disturbing 2019 hit sci-fi horror outing The Platform is getting a sequel.

The Flash movie 2023 cast 1
Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies and Series to Watch in 2023

Almost halfway through 2023, and there has been a lot of great sci-fi released, take a look at some big titles for the rest of the year.

Silo cast on Apple TV+ 1
Silo Review: A Banner Sci-Fi Series Tackles Dystopian Themes

Citizens of a city deep underground begin to question the nature of their reality in the Apple TV+ series Silo.

Joel Kinnaman-District 9 1
District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp to Helm Alien Abduction Thriller They Found Us

Neill Blomkamp will reunite with extra-terrestrials in They Found Us starring Joel Kinnaman.

Innerspace 1
Underrated Sci-Fi Movies of the '80s, Ranked

The 1980s had space travel, aliens, and all sorts of family-friendly sci-fi adventures. These are the ones you maybe don't remember much but should.

A scene from Prometheus 1
The 30 Best Sci-fi Thrillers Of All Time, Ranked

Science fiction has always been one of the most versatile genres in cinema. Here, you will find the best sci-fi movies with a strong thriller touch.

Battling the cannibals  1
Sons of the Forest: Why This Game Franchise Is a Perfect Fit for the Big Screen

Sons of the Forest is a recently released video game taking place in the Canadian wilderness. Here's why the game would be perfect for the big screen.

war-of-the-worlds-hgwells 1
War of the Worlds: The Attack Trailer Gives the Classic Sci-Fi Horror a New Look

H.G Wells' most famous science fiction epic is getting a new adaptation with a notably younger cast.

Mrs. Davis official poster 1
Mrs. Davis Official Trailer Breakdown - Peacock's Science Fiction Drama That Pits the Church Against Computers

In Peacock's Mrs. Davis, a single nun becomes the world's greatest hope against an artificial intelligence bent on controlling the world.

cancelled-scifi-movies 1
8 Canceled Sci-Fi Movies That Will Never See the Light of Day

Sci-fi is a challenging genre with a number of films that go to the chopping block instead of the production lot.

Keanu Reeves stopping bullets 1
Coolest Sci-Fi Movies That Fall Apart Upon Logical Inspection

There is a reason movies are called science fiction and not science fact.

avengers-endgame-thanos 1
Smartest Villains in Sci-Fi Movies, Ranked

Some of the best sci-fi movies are made even better with amazing villainous geniuses and masterminds.

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