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Best Max Movies including Ghost Dog, Kingsman, and First Reformed 1
The 30 Best Movies on Max to Watch Right Now

While HBO has changed their streaming platform name to Max, what hasn't changed is the amount of amazing movies available to watch.

Best Movies Netflix to Watch Right Now including Heat, The Departed, and Roma 1
The 30 Best Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now, Ranked

Netflix is constantly taking down and adding movies, but based on what's streaming, these are the 30 best films you can watch right now.

Mayans MC 1
Mayans M.C. Cast and Character Guide

If you're a fan of Sons of Anarchy, you may want to check out Mayans M.C. Here is a guide to the characters of the spin-off series.

John Wayne's Best War Movies, Ranked - RP 1
John Wayne's Best War Movies, Ranked

While John Wayne may be primarily known for his Western movies, the patriotic actor made sure to star in many war films, and these are the best.

Split image of posters for American Sniper, The Tomorrow War, and Hamburger Hill 1
The 21 Best War Movies on Prime Video to Watch Right Now

Prime Video has some of the best war films of all time in their massive collection that you can stream right now.

sound of freedom 1
Sound of Freedom: Where You Know the Cast From

Sound of Freedom is a popular release right now. Here's where you may know the cast from.

Split image of posters for Dune and Prey 1
15 Best Movies On Hulu To Watch Right Now

Hulu's library may not have as many titles as other streamers, but the service has a focus on quality over quantity with hits like Alien and Prey.

The King of Queens cast 1
The King of Queens Cast and Character Guide

The King of Queens was a spin-off from Everybody Loves Raymond and had a similarly charming cast of funny characters.

Best Prime Originals including The Sound of Metal, 13 Lives 1
Best Prime Video Original Movies, Ranked

Prime Video and Amazon Studios have produced many great original movies that often get underrated. These are the best Prime movies of all time.

A scene from Island Escape 1
Exclusive: Island Escape Clip Teases a Horror Mystery

A group of mercenaries on a rescue mission find themselves trapped with horrifying creatures in the new movie Island Escape.

When the Game Stands Tall Trailer Starring Jim Caviezel 1
Best Jim Caviezel Movies, Ranked

From playing Jesus Christ to a Person of Interest, Jim Caviezel has had some remarkable performances despite being an underrated actor.

Roger Ebert's Most Hated Horror Movies of All Time 1
Worst Horror Movies of All Time, According to Roger Ebert

Ebert was one of the most entertaining and inspiring film critics, but when he hated a film, especially a horror movie, he let everybody know.

War movies on HBO Max including Platoon, The Hurt Locker, and Dunkirk 1
The 9 Best War Movies on Max to Watch Right Now

Max features a plethora of fantastic war films from the past 80 years, and these are the very best you can stream now.

Adam Driver in 65 1
65: Best Moments in the Adam Driver-Led Film, Ranked

65 takes a more somber yet suspenseful tone than Jurassic Park, making for a unique 90-minute thrill ride.

Roger Ebert's most hated comedies including Tommy Boy and Deuce Bigalow 1
Worst Comedy Movies of All Time, According to Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert was not one to mince words, and his classic critiques of bad mainstream comedy movies were sometimes funnier than the films themselves.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season Two Cast 1
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Cast and Character Guide

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds tells the story of Christopher Pike and his time as the captain of the Enterprise.

Netflix Original movies including The Wonder, Roma, and Okja 1
The 25 Best Netflix Original Movies, Ranked

Netflix has nearly 1,000 original films at this point, but these 25 are arguably the very best you can watch right now on the streaming service.

the mandalorian 1
Best Katee Sackhoff Performances, Ranked

Sackhoff's role in The Mandalorian was only the latest highlight of a success that has already spanned two decades.

viggo mortensen the lord of the rings 1
Viggo Mortensen’s 20 Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

Viggo Mortensen may forever be known as Aragorn, but the New York City native has built a decades-long career that's pretty impressive.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch 1
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Cast and Character Guide

Some heroes are made, and some are just born bad. Let's meet the characters of Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

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