Based on the 2009 Stephen King novel, Under the Dome is a popular sci-fi mystery series that ran for three seasons and 39 episodes on CBS. Created by Brian K. Vaughn, the story involves a strange supernatural force that creates a force field above a quaint town in Maine. As the trapped citizens on the ground scramble to find answers, survivors band together, put aside their differences, and work to eliminate the existential threat.

With Under the Dome currently available to stream on Paramount+, it's worth getting to know the cast of characters at the heart of the cryptic sci-fi show. From well-known faces to lesser-known international actors, meet the cast and who they portray on Under the Dome once and for all.

Mike Vogel as Dale "Barbie" Barbara

Barbie holds up a note in Under the Dome
CBS Television

Mike Vogel portrays the protagonist, Dale "Barbie" Barbara. Dale is a former U.S. Special Forces soldier during the Iraq War who uses his military expertise to survive the cataclysmic event. As such, Dale takes a leadership role and begins working with the local Sheriff's department when he and his fellow citizens become trapped under the dome. Over time, Dale falls for Julia Shumway.

Vogel is a versatile actor who made his big-screen debut in the 2003 skateboard comedy Grind. His most famous cinematic credits include Poseidon, Cloverfield, and The Help. While Under the Dome marks Vogel's most significant TV role to date, he has also enjoyed recurring stints on such shows as Pan Am, Bates Motel, The Amendment, and most recently, Sex/Life.

Rachelle Lefevre as Julia Shumway

Julia stands in the woods in Under the Dome
CBS Television

Rachelle Lefevre plays Julia Shumway on the rewatchable sci-fi TV show. Julia is an investigative reporter from Chicago who accepted leaked documents while writing a cover story about the mayor. As a result, she lost her job, took a reputational hit, and became estranged from her husband, Peter. Before the dome came down, Julia began writing for the local newspaper in Chester Hill and eventually became engaged to Dale.

With nearly 80 credits to her name, Lefevre has an impressive movie and TV resume. Her most prominent movie appearances include playing Victoria in the Twilight franchise and playing Melanie in the action film White House Down. In terms of TV credits, Lefevre is best known for her recurring stints on What About Brian, Off The Map, A Gifted Man, and Proven Innocent. However, having starred in all 39 episodes of Under the Dome, Julia Shumway is Lefevre's longest-lasting TV role to date.

Alexander Koch as James "Junior" Rennie

Junior wears a police uniform in Under the Dome
CBS Television

Alexander Koch stars as James "Junior" Rennie. Junior is a troubled young man who develops an unhealthy obsession with Angie McAlister and even traps her in his father's bunker. However, Junior evolves over time and becomes responsible enough to be named Deputy Sheriff. By Season 3, Junior reverts to his old ways and begins antagonizing the survivors.

As a relative newcomer, Koch had very few acting credits before being cast in Under the Dome. However, since playing Junior, Koch's career has taken off. He's since appeared in everything from TV shows The Code and the acclaimed fantasy TV showLucifer to the movies Black Bear, Sightless, and Happiness For Beginners. In his first and most significant role, Koch proved he could credibly go from villain to hero and back to villain on Under the Dome.

Dean Norris as James "Big Jim" Rennie

Big Jim stands on a road in Under the Dome
CBS Television

Dean Norris portrays James "Big Jim" Rennie. Big Jim sells used cars in town and serves as a member of Chester's Mill's city council. Once Sheriff Perkins dies, the townsfolk look to Big Jim for guidance and protection even when he struggles to give his son Junior direction. Despite his affable exterior, deep down Big Jim has a hot temper and often acts with hostility behind closed doors.

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Likely the most recognizable cast member of all, Norris famously starred as Hank Schrader in the landmark crime series Breaking Bad, a DEA enforcer and brother-in-law of Walter White. While Hank Schrader represents a career-defining role for Norris, he can also be seen in everything from Total Recall and Terminator 2: Judgment Day to Claws and United States of Al.

Colin Ford as Joe McAlister

Joe sits at a desk in Under the Dome
CBS Television

Colin Ford plays Joe McAlister. Joe is a precocious teenager who becomes separated from his parents when the Dome descends, prompting a dogged search and rescue mission. Before eventually becoming one of the new four hands, a chosen quartet with the ability to touch the Dome without harm, Joe often protects his older sister, Angie.

A veteran film and TV actor with more than 60 credits, Koch famously played Young Sam Winchester on Supernatural. Since then, Ford has played Steve Danvers in Captain Marveland the lead role as Josh Wheeler in Daybreak, a Netflix series canceled after one season.Most recently, Ford reunited with his Supernatural co-star Jared Padalecki for the 2021 series Walker.

Britt Robertson as Angie McAlister

Angie stands by a church in Under the Dome
CBS Television

Britt Robertson adds memorable pathos as Angie McAlister. Angie is Joe's older sister who becomes trapped in an underground bunker by Junior. As an aspiring nurse, Angie volunteers at the local hospital and works as a waitress in town. Without spoiling too much, Angie's fate leads to emotional tumult on the show that is hard to shake.

Robertson began her career as a child actor in the early 2000s. Her most prominent recurring roles include Swingtown, Life Unexpected, Girlboss, and Big Sky. Most recently, Robertson played Laura Stensen on the crime show The Rookie and its spin-off The Rookie: Feds in 2022-2023. In terms of movies, Robertson has also starred in Tomorrowland, Mother's Day, and A Dog's Purpose, among others.

Mackenzie Lintz as Eleanor "Norrie" Calvert-Hill

Norrie smiles by a window in Under the Dome
CBS Television

Mackenzie Lintz portrays Eleanor "Norrie" Cavert-Hill. Norrie is a teenager from Los Angeles who is en route to a rehab center for behavioral therapy when the Dome falls. Over time, Norrie becomes romantically involved with Joe and later becomes one of the new four hands. When the Dome disappears, Norrie changes her surname to Jenkins and enlists in the army.

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As one of the least experienced actors among the main cast, it's remarkable what Lintz was able to achieve on the show. Before appearing in all 39 episodes, Lintz's only acting credits included a single episode of Drop Dead Diva and a glorified extra in The Hunger Games. Since her stint on Under the Dome, Lintz has appeared in Love, Simon, and Flying Cars.

Eddie Cahill as Sam Verdreaux

Sam stands in the woods in Under the Dome
CBS Television

Eddie Cahill has quite the arc as Sam Verdreaux on the classic sci-fi TV show. Sam is Big Jim's introverted brother-in-law who works as an EMT in Chester's Mill. As a dedicated medical professional who vows to keep the townsfolk safe and healthy, Sam is among the most trusted characters in The Kinship, a secret organization intent on controlling humans on behalf of the Dome.

In addition to starring in such movies as Miracle and Lords of Dogtown, Verdreaux has mostly worked on television during his career. His most significant roles include Tag Jones on Friends and Conner Wallace on Conviction. However, nothing eclipses his recurring role as Don Flack on CSI: NY, a character he played for 10 years and 197 episodes.

Aisha Hinds as Carolyn Hill

Carolyn wears an orange scarf in Under the Dome
CBS Television

Aisha Hinds plays Carolyn Hill. Carolyn is also Alice Calvert's wife and Norrie's mother. The family was passing through Chester's Mill to drop Norrie off at a reformatory when the Dome suddenly fell and trapped them below. Feeling guilty for raising Norrie poorly, Carolyn risks life and limb to reunite with Norrie and make sure she is safe.

Since beginning her career in 2000, Hinds has appeared in such popular shows as The Shield, Invasion, True Blood, and most recently, 9-1-1. Cinematically, Hill's credits include Madea Goes to Jail, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Despite appearing in less than half of the episodes in Under the Dome, Hinds made her limited time count.

Max Ehrich as Hunter May

Hunter stands by a wall in Under the Dome
CBS Television

Max Ehrich portrays Hunter May. Hunter is a manipulative computer hacker who uses his technological expertise to work on behalf of Don Barbera. Due to witnessing his sister die in front of him as a child, Hunter has a fear of death that informs his decisions after passing through the Red Door and becoming trapped under the dome.

Before being cast as Hunter May in the popular Stephen King adaptation, Ehrich honed his craft by starring in 120 episodes of the daytime soap, The Young and the Restless. While Under the Dome still holds as Ehrich's second-longest recurring TV role to date, fans may also recognize him from such series as 100 Things to Do Before High School, The Path, Embeds, Sweet/Vicious, and American Princess.