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Writing many one-page short stories when he was a child that have now been lost to time, Salvatore Cento then ultimately honed his craft as a student at the College of Staten Island where he created many articles for the school's official newspaper, The Banner. As much as he finds value in writing about the latest and greatest trends that are buzzing throughout the entertainment world, his true passion is leading the reader to new movies and shows that they have never seen before. 

James Gunn, The Dominators and the DC logo 1
Is James Gunn Setting Up a Massive DCU Crossover Between Heroes and Aliens?

Between the revealed characters and everything listed in his upcoming DCU slate, it seems like James Gunn is setting up an intergalactic invasion.

Miguel Wants to Fight 1
Exclusive: Miguel Wants to Fight Director Oz Rodriguez on His Hulu Action Comedy

In Miguel Wants to Fight, Oz Rodriguez pays homage to action flicks of the past with a movie that discusses growing up and finding your own identity.

Sandland Manga Cover and Akira Toriyama 1
Sand Land: This Upcoming Dystopian Anime Film Adaptation Is Generating Tons of Hype

The creator behind Dragon Ball Z, Akira Toriyama, is collaborating with three different animation companies to bring Sand Land to the big screen.

Christian Walker and Mark Grayson  1
Impatient for Invincible Season 2? Watch This Dark Superhero Show in the Meantime

While waiting for Invincible Season 2, fans can get lost in the dark and violent superhero drama known as Powers.

Nick Fury from the MCU with the animated Avengers 1
Secret Invasion: How a Forgotten Animated Series Does the Marvel Storyline Better Than the MCU

For those who wished that Secret Invasion on Disney+ was better, there is an animated Avengers show from years ago that might fill that void.

Phase 5 MCU Heroes 1
MCU Phase 5: Who Will Be the Most Important Superheroes?

Phase 5 of the MCU is in full swing, and these are the heroes that might define this phase of the franchise.

Matthew McConaughey in The Lincoln Lawyer 1
Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer: Why Die-Hard Fans of the Show Should Watch the 2011 Movie

Fans of Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer should know that there is a theatrical adaptation of the Michael Connelly novel which stars Matthew McConaughey.

Mckenna Grace as Adison  1
Crater: Why This Disney+ Original Movie Was Wiped From the Streaming Service

Only lasting for 49 days on Disney+, Crater was a coming-of-age science fiction tale set on the moon starring Kid Cudi and Mckenna Grace.

Wolfkin 1
Wolfkin Review: Combining Classic Horror with Modern Ideas Creates a Decent Adventure

Wolfkin may be a werewolf film, but it's in the struggles between a mother and son duo where this movie truly shines.

Official Poster for Myth of the Zodiac Killer 1
Peacock's Myth of the Zodiac Killer: Every Major Reveal in the True Crime Doc, Explained

In Peacock's Myth of the Zodiac Killer, professor Thomas Henry Horan presents a startling theory that turns the singular killer theory upside down.

Metamorpho Collage  1
Superman: Legacy: Who Is Metamorpho and What Can We Expect?

Just recently, a hero named Metamorpho was announced to appear in James Gunn's Superman: Legacy. Let's see what this character is all about.

The Blacklist Cape May 1
NBC’s The Blacklist: The One Episode That Saved the Series, Explained

Throughout The Blacklist's ten seasons, one very haunting episode actually ended up saving the series from a downward spiral and declining ratings.

Nicolas Cage in Sympathy for the Devil 1
Exclusive: Sympathy for the Devil Cinematographer Steve Holleran Puts Nic Cage in Sin City

Steve Holleran spoke about the cursed production of Sympathy for the Devil, his innovative cinematography, and filming Nicolas Cage.

Venom with The Jury behind him 1
Venom 3’s Working Title Sets Up One of Marvel’s Most Underrated Team of Villains

Venom 3's working title teases a team of villains that comic book fans haven't seen in quite some time but will be a sure threat for the anti-hero.

Call Her King movie 1
Exclusive: Call Her King Cast and Crew Talk Trouble in the Courtroom with New BET+ Movie

Filmmaker Wes Miller and co-stars Tobias Truvillion and Johnny Messner sat down with Movieweb to discuss the new action movie, Call Her King.

Hwang Woo-suk being interviewed 1
Netflix's King of Clones: What This Dystopian Documentary Reveals About Human Cloning

In Netflix's new documentary titled King of Clones, viewers follow along with the controversial saga of Hwang Woo-suk.

Nick Fury standing in front of Super Skrull 1
MCU’s Secret Invasion: Is a Major Fantastic Four Villain About to Be Revealed?

In just the second episode of Secret Invasion on Disney+, a major game-changing villain is seemingly teased. Let's talk about who that is.

James Gunn and David Corenswet 1
Superman: Legacy: Breaking Down Every Obscure Villain That Could Appear

With many different villains to choose from that have not yet made their big screen debut, such as Lobo or Gog, Superman: Legacy is very promising.

Kraven The Hunter and Morbius standing behind Venom 1
Sony's Kraven the Hunter: How a Venom Crossover Can Remove the Aftertaste of Morbius

In anticipation of yet another Spider-Man villain hitting the big screen, Sony has to make sure that this antagonist is accepted by audiences.

Bruce Willis as James Knight talking to a criminal 1
Bruce Willis' Detective Knight Trilogy: Why These Action Movies Are Worth The Watch

The Detective Knight trilogy is one of Bruce Willis' film credits before his retirement, and here is why they are worth watching.

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