This article contains spoilers for Only Murders in the Building Season 3!


  • Only Murders in the Building delivers a delightful mix of comedy, murder, and mayhem, thanks to industry veterans like Steve Martin and Martin Short.
  • The opening episode of Season 3 reveals a surprising double twist where Paul Rudd's character dies not once, but twice, setting up an intriguing storyline for the trio.
  • Having Meryl Streep join the A-list cast adds to the show's prestige, with her character Loretta sparking a romance with Oliver and bringing out her incredible acting talent.

Only Murders in the Building has been a huge hit for Steve Martin and Martin Short, who along with Selena Gomez have given murder mystery fans a great time across two seasons. Now the opening of Season 3 has delivered a massive twist already in its first episode that has guaranteed the success of the latest run of the show. Showrunner John Hoffman addressed the return of the show, and the double twist that ended its debut episode on Hulu.

Only Murders in the Building is a delightful mix of comedy, murder and mayhem that only industry veterans like Martin and Short can achieve, and this time around, as well as the return of they much younger Gomez, the series also calls on the talents of Oscar-winner Meryl Streep and Paul Rudd to tell its new story. However, fans were given a surprising double twist in the new episode, which resulted in the reveal that rather than dying at the end of season 2, Rudd’s character actually ended up being revived only to die for a second time by the end of the episode. Speaking about the opening episode’s twist, Hoffman told TVLine:

"The part I liked the most is this twist on the classic murder-mystery thing, where you have a room full of people – suspects, potentially – and here we have the victim himself going around the room and picking out potential suspects for our audience at home, and then it's a double twist [once Ben dies in the Arconia] that sets up our trio."

While there could be some actors who would not be happy with their character meeting their maker, Hoffman went on to note that Rudd was more than happy with the way things panned out. He added:

"Paul was delighted. We didn't have it when we first pitched him on his demise at the end of Season 2. I'll never forget Zooming with him, when I was telling what this season would entail for Ben Glenroy, and he was both shocked and delighted."

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Only Murders in the Building Makes Use of it’s A-List Cast.

only murders in the building season 3 meryl streep selena gomez paul rudd steve martin martin short
Image via Steve Martin

Having an Oscar-winner as part of any cast ensemble is a great coup, but after many years of only seeing such stars on the big screen, it is not unusual to see them on the small screen. Having recently been seen in the likes of Netflix’s movie Don’t Look Up, Meryl Streep is now adding her considerable talent to the already stacked cast. She certainly isn’t just in the series for a short cameo appearance either. Hoffman went on to share a little more about Streep’s character Loretta and her upcoming story arc. He said:

"Loretta is a truly miraculous actress who needs to be in the right part to give the performance she's capable of giving.... I come from the theater and, you know, a process is a process. At a table read, I have seen many a brilliant actor really make everyone tremble with nerves. Like, "What are they doing?" Their process is out of left field – and for Loretta, she needs to find the voice. Some people need a costume, some people need a voice, and what was really important to me is that it puts it on Oliver to defend her. He's the one championing her, and he's not going to walk away from her, and it sparks a romance between them."

Only Murders in the Building is streaming now on Hulu.