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Denzel Washinton as Robert McCall 1
The Equalizer 3: Latest Teaser Finds Denzel Washington Doing Battle With the Mafia

Denzel Washington is once again unleashed in the latest look at action sequel The Equalizer 3.

Karl Urban in Dredd 1
20 Great Action Movies With No Sequel

Whether they were hits or flops, these action movies deserved a follow-up, but were strong enough to stand on their own legs, regardless.

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10 Action Movies With Incredibly Low Stakes

There's nothing world-ending on the horizon in these movies, just something that could drastically affect the life of an individual.

Chris Elliott in Welcome to Redville 1
Welcome to Redville Trailer Boasts Bizarre, Nasty Action Comedy

A young couple on the run from the law stumble into a desert town full of strange townsfolk in the trailer for Welcome to Redville.

Til Death Do Us Part - Natalie Burn 1
Exclusive: Til Death Do Us Part's Natalie Burn Talks Action and Doing Her Own Stunts

Til Death Do Us Part star Natalie Burn recently sat down with MovieWeb to discuss her latest role as The Bride, as well as her love for action movies.

Bruce Lee as seen in Enter The Dragon 1
10 Most Influential Action Movies of the ‘60s and ‘70s

A couple of action movies from the '60s and '70s are not only entertaining but also left quite an impact.

Still from Til Death Do Us Part 1
Exclusive Til Death Do Us Part Clip Teases an Action Thriller by Way of John Wick & Kill Bill

This exclusive clip from Til Death Do Us Part teases a tale of revenge when a bride is hunted by her ex-groom and his killer groomsmen.

John Wick 1 1
15 Action Movies That Are Basically Slashers

From employing POV to delving into bloody carnage, some action movies push the line between slasher and shoot-em-up.

Still from Meg 2 1
Meg 2 Clip Finds Jason Statham Coming Face-To-Face With an Even Bigger Monster

Action hero Jason Statham may have bitten off more than he can chew in first clip from Meg 2: The Trench.

Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 3 1
The Equalizer 3 Latest Trailer Finds Denzel Washington Dispensing Justice Once Again

Denzel Washington returns as Robert McCall in the latest look at The Equalizer 3, the final chapter in the action franchise.

Split image of posters for Die Hard and Terminator 1
20 Best Action Movies from the '80s, Ranked

The crown for best 80s action movie is certainly a battle royale with plenty of contenders, from Die Hard to Lethal Weapon to The Terminator.

Viola Davis in Widows 1
Viola Davis Departs the Action Thriller G20 Despite SAG-AFTRA Waiver

The star has walked away from the project saying it is not "appropriate for this production to move forward during the strike."

Exclusive: Writer/Director Nicholas Maggio on His Action-Packed Film Mob Land with John Travolta

Nicholas Maggio dives into the inspiration behind his gritty thriller, working with John Travolta, and why setting the film in the South was vital.

The IMF team as seen in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol 1
Mission: Impossible: Ethan Hunt's 10 Best Team Members

One of the best aspects of Mission: Impossible is Ethan Hunt's team, and here are some of his best team members.

George Clooney and Harvey Keitel in From Dusk till Dawn 1
15 Lesser-Known Action Movies That Don't Get Enough Love

Give these underrated action movies a try during your next movie night.

The cast of Space: Above and Beyond 1
10 Long-Forgotten Action TV Shows That Didn't Last Very Long

While many action shows are given a chance to shine on streaming these days, here are 10 shows that didn't last very long on broadcast television.

The Continental First Look (2) 1
John Wick's The Continental Stuns with '57 Minutes' of Pure Adrenaline Series Finale

John Wick spinoff The Continental will finish with a 57-Minute non-stop action finale.

Jonah Hill Channing Tatum of 21 Jump Street 1
20 Funniest Action Movies Ever Made

The irresistible marriage of humor and action is why we go to the movies.

Lucas Till holds a gun in The Collective action movie 1
Exclusive: The Collective Clip Teases Assassin Action with Lucas Till & Tyrese Gibson

We have an exclusive clip from The Collective, which finds Lucas Till's fledgling assassin taking aim at human traffickers.

Jason David Frank in Legend of the White Dragon 1
Jason David Frank Final Role Teased in Action-Packed Legend of the White Dragon Trailer

Legend of the White Dragon finds Power Rangers star Jason David Frank in his final role and is now due to land in theaters in 2024.