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Split image of posters for Dark City and Fire in the Sky 1
Underrated Sci-Fi Movies of the '90s, Ranked

In the decade of Jurassic Parks and Terminators, special effects became a huge motif, and these science-fiction adventures fell off the radar.

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15 Obscure Sci-Fi Movies That Should Be Remade

Here are a few lesser-known science-fiction movies like The Terminal Man and Event Horizon that would greatly benefit from a modern retelling.

The Best Sci-Fi Movies of the 1960s, Ranked 1
The Best Sci-Fi Movies of the 1960s, Ranked

Though not as bombastic as the '70s or '80s, the 1960s produced great sci-fi cinema. Here are the best examples, ranked.

The Best Outer Space Movies of The 2000s, Ranked 1
The Best Outer Space Movies of The 2000s, Ranked

Outer space has been an artistic muse for filmmakers for decades. Take a look at the best outer space movies of the 2000s, ranked.

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Aliens Come as Saviors in Roswell Delirium Trailer

This unique sci-fi film from Richard Bakewell beams down to theaters later this year.

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30 Most Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Movies Ever Made, Ranked

Science fiction has allowed us to see impossible worlds. These are the sci-fi movies that completely opened our minds to new ideas and visions.

Matthew McConaughey as Denton Van Zan in Reign Of Fire 1
Underrated Sci-Fi Movies of the 2000s, Ranked

Better special effects didn't mean sci-fi was hailed as the most popular genre in the 2000s. These films prove we should have paid more attention.

Okja Netflix 1
The Best South Korean Sci-Fi Movies, Ranked

From Okja to Snowpiercer, here are some of South Korea's best sci-fi movies.

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Sci-Fi Movies That Are Actually Scientifically Accurate

A few memorable sci-fi movies like Minority Report and 2002: A Space Odyssey became known for taking scientific accuracy into careful consideration.

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The 11 Silliest Outfits and Uniforms in Sci-Fi Movies, Ranked

From Star Trek to Spaceballs, these are the wackiest costumes in science fiction history.

Best Sci-Fi Movies 2022 including Nope, Prey, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and Crimes of the Future 1
Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies of 2022, Ranked

Between wonderful, low-budget science fiction and massive spectacle, these were the best sci-fi and fantasy films throughout 2022.

The Becomers 1
Exclusive The Becomers Clip & Poster Tease Body-Snatching Alien Romance From Director Zach Clark

The Becomers, a genre-bending sci-comedy from Zach Clark gets first clip and poster.

Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie on Prime Video 1
The 15 Best Sci-Fi Movies on Prime Video to Watch Right Now

Whether you're running from body snatchers or witnessing the arrival of aliens, Prime Video has plenty of the best sci-fi movies around.

Michael Cera in Command Z 1
Command Z Trailer: Michael Cera Leads a Time-Travel Mission in Secret Steven Soderbergh Series

Michael Cera tasks a team with using a time traveling washing machine to save 2023 in Command Z.

The 1996 science fiction action film Independence Day  1
Most Realistic Alien Invasion Movies of All Time

No matter how far-fetched an alien invasion movie may be, what sometimes makes them realistic is capturing how humanity would likely react to one.

Judy Greer in Aporia 1
Aporia Trailer Finds Judy Greer Wondering Whether She Should Change the Past

Judy Greer struggles with the consequences of time travel in the trailer for the upcoming speculative sci-fi drama, Aporia.

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Dune: Part Two Trailer Reveals More of This Year’s Epic Sci-Fi Sequel

This lengthy trailer for Dune: Part Two reveals more of the sci-fi epic, including new looks at Florence Pugh, Christopher Walken, and Austin Butler.

Keir Duella 1
Greatest Classic Sci-Fi Movies Made Before Star Wars, Ranked

Star Wars is great, but modern science fiction wouldn't exist without these classics to lay the groundwork and help define the important genre.

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10 Sci-Fi Movies With Ambiguous Endings

Science-fiction has always been fertile ground for exploring thought-provoking - and often ambiguous - philosophical themes.

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The Best Sci-Fi Movies According to Rotten Tomatoes

As with every genre, Rotten Tomatoes has aggregated the reviews and rated the best sci-fi films of all time, and some entries may surprise you.