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Neville Naidoo is a freelance writer for MovieWeb. He has worked as a ghostwriter and content writer, and has a background in legal practice.  

Judd Shannon Bug 1
Bug: The Exorcist Director's Underrated Masterpiece About Meth and Motels

The 2006 Cannes Film Festival played host to the psychological thriller called Bug. Here's why the William Friedkin film was an underrated gem.

Charles Bronson in Death Wish 1
Charles Bronson’s 20 Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

Now recognized as a screen icon, Charles Bronson faced immense adversity before becoming an actor. These are his films according to Rotten Tomatoes.

the big bang theory 1
The Big Bang Theory: Bernadette Rostenkowski's 10 Best Quotes

Melissa Rauch's shrill voice as Bernadette in The Big Bang Theory made the character unforgettable. Here are some of her best quotes from the show.

andrew garfield spiderman no way home 1
Andrew Garfield’s Best Quotes as Spider-Man, Ranked

Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man was full of cocky, sarcastic lines, and some tragic ones too. These were his best quotes throughout the films.

Maguire and Dunst in Spider-Man 1
Tobey Maguire’s Best Moments as Spider-Man, Ranked

Spider-Man fans were given a treat when Tobey Maguire made a surprise comeback as Spidey. Here's a look back at his best moments as the character.

Split image of Wyatt Earp with The Quick and the Dead and Geronimo in the background 1
Underrated Western Movies of the '90s, Ranked

Since there were so many great Westerns made in the '90s, many other pretty good movies remain overlooked and underrated as a result.

Underrated Fantasy Movies of the 2010s, Ranked - RP 1
Underrated Fantasy Movies of the 2010s, Ranked

Some great fantasy movies of the 2010s were passed over by audiences and critics alike. Here's a look at the most underrated among them.

Garfield and Stone in The Amazing Spider-Man 2  1
Andrew Garfield’s Best Moments as Spider-Man, Ranked

Seeing Andrew Garfield in a Spidey suit again was amazing. These are our picks for his best moments as Spider-Man across all his appearances so far.

Twilight prom scene with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson  1
The Worst Couples in Movie History

Some movie couples make no sense. Others are so toxic they literally end up destroying one or both of the partners.

The Dark Knight 1
10 Reasons Why Christian Bale Will Always be The Greatest Batman Ever

The Dark Knight trilogy saw Christian Bale achieve legendary status among comic fans. Most agree that he's the greatest Batman ever. Here's why.

Split image featuring Tony Soprano from Th3e Sopranos, Tony Montana from Scarface, and Sam Rothstein from Casino 1
Coolest Gangsters of All Time in Movies and TV, Ranked

Gangsters in films rarely fail to intrigue audiences with their lives of power and excess. Here's a look at the coolest gangsters in movie history.

The Most Iconic Characters in Western Movies 1
The Most Iconic Characters in Western Movies

Fast-paced shootouts and intriguing plots made it a popular genre, but memorable gunslingers made it great. These are the best characters in Westerns.

Guardians of the Galaxy Test Photo 1
Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord’s Best Quotes in the Franchise, Ranked

As a wisecracking leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Star-Lord found an ideal match in Chris Pratt. These were his best lines from the franchise.

Mayim Balik in The Big Bang Theory  1
The Big Bang Theory: Amy Farrah Fowler’s 10 Best Quotes

These awesome quotes from Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory prove why she became one of its most iconic characters.

Split image of Regan from The Exorcist and Michael Myers standing in the shadows from Halloween 1
Most Unkillable Horror Villains and Monsters, Ranked

Horror franchises exist because they contain villains or monsters that never die or keep coming back with a few standing out as the most unkillable.

Cloud as Fezco in Euphoria  1
Euphoria: Angus Cloud's Best Moments as Fezco

Angus Cloud was an actor on the rise as a pop culture icon before his death. Playing Fezco on Euphoria made him immensely popular, and here's why.

Pee-Wee's Playhouse poster 1
Pee-wee's Playhouse: Paul Reubens' Best Moments as Pee-wee Herman

Pee-Wee's Playhouse will always remain Paul Reubens' main legacy. Here's a look back at the icon's best moments from the show.

Accused cast poster  1
Why Accused Is a Disappointment Compared to the UK Show

While not the worst remake in the world, the US version of the crime drama series, Accused, isn't as good as the British one. Here's why.

The Lincoln Lawyer 1
The Lincoln Lawyer: Best Quotes, Ranked

Netflix's legal drama, The Lincoln Lawyer proved a highly popular show. With Season 2 out already, here are the best quotes from the show so far.

Behrs and Dennings in 2 Broke Girls  1
2 Broke Girls: Funniest Episodes, Ranked

It was a controversial but hilarious show while it lasted. Here's a look back at the funniest episodes of 2 Broke Girls.

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